Sunday, 13 July 2014

Newest Buys
As seen in previous posts i have recently visited Leeds and picked up these items inside the Trinity Centre. I arrived at 10 to 9am so i did have to wait around for a while until most shops open however straight as them doors opened i was straight in and grabbed the first bargins aswell as other extras... 

Short denim dungaree set- River Island

Black Belt- Topshop (Sale)
New York/London/City laser cut mirrored necklace- River Island (sale)
Small diamante pendant- River Island (sale)
White leather backpack- River Island
4 pieces of underwear, 3- La Senza & 1 Topshop (not really wanting to show tbh... sorry)
White ankle socks- Topshop (sale)
Tika2 high vamp skaters (Black & White flats)- Topshop 

Leeds Trinity Centre
On Saturday my mama and I went on a coach to Leeds from 8:50am to 6pm. They say there is never not enough time for shopping but I can assure you my toes were numb and I felt myself losing limbs by the hour. After around 3 short breaks of grabbing good old Yorkshire tea we decided it was time to really relax. My mother and i both ordered the Classic mature cheese burger (beef) from Handmade Burger Co, we both ordered the small size as my mum had previously had a bite to eat and I have a small appetite... my eyes are definitely bigger than my belly! I highly recommend this place and even more their brownie and waffle sundae lawdd it tasted good (as you can see i was extremely fascinated...).

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Mom Shorts & Frilly Socks
British weather isn't considered the best weather for summer however these mom denim shorts certainly make my wardrobe a little more summery. These shorts are high waisted giving a fitting, comfortable and edgy look. I would personally style these shorts with a long sleeved crop top or with a short sleeved crop top/vest with a kimono. Although these shorts are fitted and feel quite thick which I think shows quality, these shorts still show off the curves of a booty so don't be put off when you see 'Mom' or 'Boyfriend' styles they don't always hide everything! Additionally I invested 2 pairs of frilly socks one plain black and one black with a white dog tooth design, these socks are perfect with ankle boots or any type of casual shoe.

Mom authentic rigid highrise denim shorts- New Look

Frilly socks- both New Look
Current Snacks
Basically I love chocolate... and sweets... and junk food and all that not so good, good stuff. Recently I have started eating/drinking Monkey nuts, strawberries and green tea. Whenever i feel peckish (which is nearly all the time) i snack on these as they taste delish and are packed with goodness. However, green tea... well, that took some getting used to. Although personally i feel green tea would probably taste of watered cut grass the benefits of drinking it overrules any negatives. (Benefits include; protecting cells from damage, anti-ageing, healthy skin and much more...). As well as eating these snacks my routine is followed by exercise which consists of toning up and strength exercises. Also i have now got used to green tea as it's become part of my everyday routine so it's not that bad i guess...

Benefits of drinking green tea:

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sorry for the (very) bad quality but i just thought i would share my buys that i purchased from London! When i laid my eyes on this bag i just knew it was the one, we would look perfect together... no but seriously i'm in love with this bag, the attachable strap can give more of a casual look as you can sling it on your shoulder and get on with the day. However, the small straps (as shown on the picture) transform this bag into more of a fashion statement and makes the bag the focus piece of an outfit. Personally the plain black bag with hints of gold and plain printed brand name just makes this bag look classy and well structured... aswell as pure perfection. Moving on to the trousers these white above the ankle fitted trousers are great for the office or, as i wear them, as very fashionable sleek trousers. Quick tip: what underwear do you wear with WHITE trousers.. NOT WHITE. I have tried this and this is a big no no, the two layers of material creates a bold opaque white which stands out like a sore thumb. So i find wearing any type of nude underwear (or any colour which matches your skin colour) works the best!

London Outfit
While enjoying the sights of London i found great inspiration regarding fashion. The people of London always looked 'well put together' however never looked overly dressed, this outfit which i traveled in was probably my most favourite look out of all my outfits. This outfit is good for looking casual however has that touch of femininity without the coat to look prepared for whenever the sun comes out.

Coat- Sheinside

Off the shoulder crop top- H&M
Semi-opaque tights- Boots